я что нибудь добавлю
потом обязательно

i speak russian and english
I M A GIRL!!!!
fav color: red
fav food: meat
fav drink: ginger beer or cola
fav animal: all birds i see
fav smell: some of perfume i like,
my smell, glue



what i like?
music: the prodigy, afx (and all of his aliases), 808 state, art of noise, µ-Ziq, boards of canada, 4 позиции бруно (and other their projects), justice, squarepusher, щneohtrix point never, kraftwerk, ekova, locked club, барбитура, nurse with wound, emma essex, чугунный скороход, metaroom, autechre, marilyn manson, "earthling" by david bowie (yes only this album...), type o negative, samplingmasters, genesis, ELP, ministry, dvar, deadушки, tracker music, the chemical brothers, flannyr (early), YMO, fukase, lenin was a zombie, рабы лампы, scooter, coil, m1dy, machine girl, bad zu, eisenfunk, casino vs japan, palmbomen, brian eno, alias conrad coldwood, crystal castles. i listen to them in albums, so there can be more authors to discuss...

games: borderlands (especially 1 part), serious sam, spore, rayman, postal, jet set radio, hotline miami, katana zero, half life 1, off, tf 2, lisa, no more heroes... im interested in hylics, disco elysium and max payne now, but i have now time to play it..
other: ranfren, jojo, trigun, cowboy bebop, ok ko, yellow submarine (a toon), metalocalypse, invader zim... there can be more but i m forgetful... oh