hello my sweet visitor. here is my meat database and here you can find basic information about my characters to have fun or find a reference 😁
all head made by me from 0 love them a lot....
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at least we have: ~85 souls.
★ about 65 human:
among them 8 women and 57 men;
★ about 10 monsters, 3 of them definitely men, 3 of them definitely women, the rest are beyond of biological sex concept;
★ about 9 species of animals, living in sculptor's:
among them 3 women and 4 men
fav humans: delirii, rubikon, luke
fav monsters: obed, odarennyi, medic
fav aminal: neurotica

other guys

kesha or innokentii
architecture student. a bit emo or just informal
age: 19wwwwheight: 174 cm
weight: 61 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: EMOTIONAL, shy, communicative, tired...
♥: grape, skateboarding, low rise jeans, crab chips, spend time w jenya🥺
♥/: fights, smell of lakes and smoke, fairy things
mates: jenya (my bro's oc lol)
voice: я вчера порезал вены! - эмо чмо
world: witches (there is no magic. i deleted it...)

ZOMBIE!!! suddenly died, got cutted (because he is cocky) and revived by his friend. not cool for showman (idk who he is)
age: 36 wwwwheight: 190 cm
weight: 91 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: a bit agressive, not shy, joking, impudent
♥: raw meat, "French fries", to play "granny", to bite
♥/: wash clothes, alcoholics, silly and burr (картвые) people
mates: kozodoi. and he belongs to my bro too
voice: lower than DAgames voice lol idk
he has long tongue and light blood, like the unripe pomegranate has

delirii (it means "delirium")
experienced journalist with a blank stare (sometimes), but mostly nice guy
age: 35 wwwwheight: 184 cm
weight: 94 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: a bit shy, quiet, calm, not talkative... but friendly with bros
♥: read non-fiction, parrots
mates: max. guess who made him?
voice: i will choose later
world: what
not the most developed, but my fav oc!!!

a young taxidermist living in the forest, a "changeling" (перевертыш in russian, meaning close to the word "werewolf")
age: 25 wwwwheight: 167 cm
weight: 68 kgwwwwgender: female
personality: too friendly, obsessive, calm, but rather caustic in fright or rage
♥: all animals she sees (dead too), earth japanese street fashion, interview people
♥/: people who write a lot, reading, loud noises
mates: steeve, jerico, a lot of people
voice: Shake Me - Mint Royale
world: witches

old-fashioned programmer with mutation and without implants. made a hologram for ai luke age: 29 wwwwheight: 172 cm
weight: 66 kgwwwwgender: female
personality: don't know how to react to some things, a bit quiet, nervous
♥: pixel-art
mates: ai luke
world: witches 2080

skheet (the left)
a programmer who was been stolen by terrorists, but escaped. he is cross-eyed and maybe neurodivergent? idk
age: 33 wwwwheight: 194 cm
should update weight:89 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: can be weird, devoted, shy and quiet, brave
mates: lenny (second guy on pic)
voice: i thought i chose it. but no
world: witches

vlad (a4)
fashion house director. he can dress more funky and vivid but i cant come up with cool outfit for him
age: 34 wwwwheight: 205 cm
weight: 113 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: trying to be cool and "bad boy" but he's actually cute, emotional, a bit rude
♥: flowers, exotic fruits (tasty food at all), gray color
mates: daniil)
voice: gorilla
world: lol

a plastic surgeon who turned gray due to genes, but was ginger. he has asian-type eyes
age: 36 wwwwheight: 197 cm
weight: 99 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: sometimes can be too humble or reserved, friendly, caring
♥: origami, soda water
mates: varrah (and again... he belongs to my BEST FRIENDD)
voice: eeeeeee
world: minecravt

programmer-virus creator, a перевертыш, engaged in wrestling but now works w pcs and helps his best friend with garden!!
age: 27 wwwwheight: 195 cm
weight: 97 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: very happy and emotional, caring in a special way, smart
♥: to trick people, to smell tasty people, swim, hugs
♥/: brush teeth, to sleep at night
mates: tosha, casper, dingo, red
voice: eeeeeee
world: witches 1998 and 2080

luke, the living
highly work dedicated programmer who was intersted in creating the "neurocomputer" or smth
age: 39 wwwwheight: 185 cm
weight: 92 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: a bit depressed, passive agressive, tired
♥: to be aimed a long time, to hug red (only him), mohito, sneakers with a LOT of details
♥/: reading
mates: red, genesis, iriya, casper
voice: haha
world: witches 1998 and 2080

idk what job he has i made him for fun, he seemed to be a psychologist... but he has money and he is a russian
age: 34? help wwwwheight: ~185 cm
weight: 95 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: kind, relaxed, nice
♥: funny t-shirts, squirells, smell of paper, choco milk
insects, sandals, feeling of cold mates: laszlo
voice: too manly
world: gaytown

bisma, or biswamoi?
some physicist, cute guy... was forced to work with the mafia?
age: 37 jeez he is too old wwwwheight: 174 cm
weight: 60 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: quiet, calming, hard-working, non-emotional
♥: walk, to make cakes, japanese language, lego. too old i said.
♥/: sarcasm, jerky movements, jazz
mates: BELASKO
voice: he can speak ?
world: eeeeeeeeee

michael, or михаил
psychotherapist, made to please the eyes but have a story
age: 35 wwwwheight: 193 cm
weight: 102 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: calming, friendly, 'soul' of the company
mates: madex, phillis, klophelin...
voice: sweet
world: banana

OBED, the left
something like a demon who should control human's emotions (he makes anxiety and fear and a lot...more...). made of different people, especially men. suffers from megalomania. highly unstable. can be a human. one of his human parts was an unbeliever, so god faith makes him edgy
personality: bad clown like penniwise lol,
age: - wwwwheight: 200 cm
weight: 93 kgwwwwgender: mentally male, but physically none
mates: red cat, odarennyi, grom
voice: different: main is marilyn manson in debut, also it can be like in Psychic TV - Farewell, memoryfactory.lzh - Frums
world: hell2
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japanese interior designer... but with armenian female name
age: 26 wwwwheight: 175 cm
weight: 61 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: later
world: 281812903

varya, or varvara
idk who is she but she is cool
age: 26 wwwwheight: 175 cm
weight: 61 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: later

european-japanese programmer (working in backend)
age: 26 wwwwheight: 175 cm
weight: 61 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: later

fastfood worker who was murdered by his step father and recovered (fortunately with no memories of it). became a bit more odd after this
age: 24 wwwwheight: 174 cm
weight: 59 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: manic, tricky, joyful, nervous, joking
♥: french fries, to bite, carnivore birds, cooking
♥/: touches, vegetables, conflicts, jazz
mates: kvak
voice: something hysterical
world: same as rubikon

odarennyi (blessed or одарённый)
obed's best friend, the friendliest (and also stubbornest) demon. makes people silly and laughing. looks like the dumbest thing in the hell so it's right but he can read
age: - wwwwheight: 164 cm
weight: 59 kgwwwwgender: mentally male, but physically none
personality: good clown
♥: yoyo, bread w jam, happy hardcore, ties, rubber jumping balls, baseball
♥/: cat food, cocky people, violence, work
mates: obed, the cat, grom
voice: The Prodigy - Narayan
world: same as obed

red. yes his name is красный
math genius made by nature, worked as teacher at the institute, then scientist. luke's best friend and mentor. at his 21 in the picture, not 38
age: 38 wwwwheight: 175 cm
weight: 63 kgwwwwgender: male
personality: optimistic, not vindictive, highly dedicated to work, looks like somebody who has adhd
♥: sneakers, drawing, strange clothing and hairstyles
♥/: loud parties and proms, rudeness, insects
mates: luke, genesis, iriya, maybe his daughter...
voice: i will find it
world: witches

ДЖЕКПОТ! джекпоот! ХУЙ ТЕ В РОТ! пацелуй мою залупу, залупу-лупу