OBED says:



Obed (it means breakfast in english yeah)

gender: dead man
age: try to define by eye. he should be mature
height: 200 cm (6'7")
weight: 93 kg (~205 lb.)
hobbies: whistle, sleep, go to gym (however, this will not add muscle to him), hunting with shotgun. may be with bare hands
main character traits: he's breathing loudly. i hate that. has smth simillar with seaweed
slang: too polite. but i think he'd rather to be silent most time
capabilities: show off his gorgeous hump on his back, eat all the dust in the house. his main work (as hellish thing) is to make people insane.... would ypu like to be killed by furry???

marks here


vvvhow it sounds?

  1. Nurse With Wound - Eat Shop Relax
  2. Brian Eno - Meditation
  3. Bonnie Baxter - MIRROR TECHNIQUE
  4. Widdly 2 Diddly - All Hail the Fishmen
  5. Tahnaiya Russell - Unemployed 2008
  6. Polygon Window - My Teapot
  7. 4 Позиции Бруно - На Оловянной Ложке
  8. Structures Sonores Lasry-Baschet - Manège
  9. Ruth White - Beginnings
  10. Mike & Rich - Organ Plodder
  11. Main Theme - I'm on Observation Duty


- overall, he can transform his voice from androgynous to average or low male, but he prefers to use marilyn manson's voice, sometimes changes it to voice simmilar from credits or memoryfactory.lzh by frums
- there are ear-cones on his head, but he likes to joke that they are party hats...
- made of the dead who have been guilty for some reason. using the "hell" concept
- among the people who formed him was definitely one woman, but the most were men
- judging by the upper info, he's something like a demon
- would like to be called "massey"
- no blood, flesh and bones, it's just like a materia or clay like other monsters from his gang. his skin feels like farfor or velvet
- tends to make incidents with blood, because of that getting condemned by odarennyi, his best friend, he think
- doesn't like red cat because she's an aggressive whiner
- maybe some of the number of people he sprang from were mentally ill. but he is not, he can't)
- if you want, you can pet him. if you reach his face
- you hear gritting and chatter? your mind is in danger

his main job is to make living people emotional, just like the rest of his bros. his turn is to make victim anxious, suspicious and bashful. in general, mental illnesses (such as depression, paranoia, and some cases of psychopathy) can develop from its effects and thoughts. if he works together with grom, then most likely depression will come out, if with a cat - sadism, and if with odarennyi, then adhd or instability. but not only bad effects can be caused by him: a dummy in danger can feel fear and be saved by their own paws...

he can enter the world of the living, but only to trick and do his work. usually looks like a man between 25 and 40 years, but can create any clothing, hair and facial features

the motherfucker who will come if he will fuse w odarennyi (not a good idea and its impossible...)

i can be your angle