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hi! this site was made as a blog or archive. there will be some information soon... (maybe even css animation presets, i have never seen it on neocities)... but now you can find two pages about my characters......

if you want, you can use my drawing as decor for your site or avatar, just ask permission first! i swear i will make a better index page. someday. there is a bit of information about me down the page!
also!!! there is no autoplay audio... enjoy ! ^_^

have to say... i don't know how to communicate with people like human so if i didn't reply to your message... maybe i just dont know how to do this (technically) or i'm stunned. but i'm grateful... thamk for your comments guys

best viewed in chrome in 1920x1080 from a pc!

sorry no mood to do the index...
featured art
  1. user48736353001 - 19 slow early morning
  2. Aphex Twin - consta-lume _ bonus 2017
  3. Aphex Twin - Soundlab20
  4. CREAM SODA - Пожар
  5. Tee Lopes - Mirage Saloon Zone, Act 2
  6. 808 State - Pacific 707
  7. 808 State - Bird
  8. Art Of Noise - Catwalk (The Ground Mix)
  9. Christophe Heral, Billy Martin - A Sunny Stroll

my real nature is cpming

click and die


i ate (!) a gum few hours ago
you can call me miero, actually i'm a girl. i speak russian
and english but sometimes not so well as i can, so if u have found
a mistake in text, tell me please (now u cant....)
i enjoy drawing, making dolls, figures and other cringy things. sometimes i can write a stinky ambient track....
one of my fav genres of music is gabber (like gabber piet, hakkuhbar, etc), but i adore a dozens of music types!!! if you want to know, there is a page about not themost popular coolest projects (not only music, also about games and a few anime). i like to share something interesting!!!
usually i draw men and colourful animals. enjoy!!!!!
if u have some triggers on blood and psychological horror, know, u can find it here. i warned you....
(scooter - last minute is playing)
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